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transform fear into love
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This has been a truly amazing few days for me. You have opened my eyes to a whole new world. Thanks for everything: your guidance, wisdom, opening your home to us and of course your fantastic cooking! See you again soon. Big love.Danny

Dear Marcel and Korina,
Thank you for a fantastic seminar, for all your love and guidance. You have inspired me to progress with my Yoga and Meditation, and I am looking forward to the path ahead. Love and LightNatasha

For ever grateful, for the work we do all together. Feeling my practice getting stronger and deeper, my meditations more light full and life joy full
Thank you my eternal friends, teachers, sisters and brothers.
thank you Lord… my dearest lover
Bliss, Peace in our hearts
Peace on Earth – Om ShantiVanessa

”Small shifts make big differences”
I will remember that. Thank you for another wonderful trip in love, surrounded by amazing people. Thanks for taking care of us!Peggy

May you always dwell higher into the cosmic vibrations. As you have helped so many seeds grow and nurture with your love, may you always receive enlightenment so you can continue to show the path.
This inner journey is the way to freedom, freedom from all illusions, the way to the truth…

There is a lot of love and kindness and joy here. It was a provocative and healing week. One that I will never forget and, I am sure will prove to be an important part of my spiritual path. Thank you my brother,Ben Moltman

I am the second time here and I know I will miss Marcel and the Yoga Course. I get a lot of light and loving kindness that has changed my life and I am sure I will come back. I am more open now for the spiritual world.
Thank you very much Marcel, your sisterMarina

Dies war meine erste Erfahrung mit Meditation und Yoga. Ich weiss, dass ich damit einen Weg gefunden habe. Vielen lieben Dank,Monika

The more Yoga and Meditation I experience, the lighter I feel. Morning meditation is helping me to keep my energy flowing throughout the day. These changes in me are so wonderful. Thank you, Marcel for helping me see myself.Becky

Yoga has always been something I’ve wanted to experience. Thank you for giving me a strong basis in yoga and meditation. Even after a short time I was able to feel benefits physically as well as mentally. I will certainly be back! Thank youAmelia

Marcel, since my arrival here a year ago my Yoga practice along with the meditation has been most rewarding. My reason for bringing my teaching skills to Chiang Mai were primarily based on the spiritual potential given freely by people like yourself. Yoga with the meditation is the heart of this city. Thank you and the others who have contributed to this city. Joe Lone

Marcel, I never thought I could move in the ways you showed me. It does make me feel younger and I feel like another door has opened. Thank you, Sam

It has been great coming here and giving us a positive focus on our holiday and improving it on a deeper level. I have been stretched out and worn out. It has been great. Thank you.


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