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Seminars & Retreats Schedule

Seminars and retreats begin at 18:30. You can arrive a bit earlier.

During long retreats, the weekly schedule is cancelled.

Dates for year 2019:

December: 26th – 31st December in Kalamos, Greece
Please, reserve your participation in advance. You help us organize it better for you and the other participants. It is recommended you pay in advance 30% of the total suggested contribution. In case you need to cancel your participation for a serious reason, you will receive back this amount.
Please, let us know in advance for any mental problems, health problems,  allergies, or other difficulties.

If kids are with you in the seminars or retreats:

Of course your kids are welcomed.

Booking in advance, somebody will be with your kids with alternative group activities and yoga hour only during your practice. All the other time the kids should be with you quiet!

Hatha Kriya Yoga Sadhana takes care for your wellbeing. In a light full and blessed environment, you live far away from any center of human activity. Enjoying home grown biological fruits and vegetables.

In all retreats-reunions we practice 24 hours water fasting, once a week.

Commited students, brothers and sisters, are warmly welcome to stay with us, for days, weeks or months for Sadhana.

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Kalamos of E.Attiki, towards Triades
P.C.: 19 017, P.O.B.: 77
email: info@hathakriyayoga.com
tel: (+30) 22950 62886
mobile: (+30) 6973 299103