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Preksha Meditation

What is Preksha?

Preksha MeditationPreksha is a process of awakening one’s own reasoning mind (viveka) and thereby control one’s passions and emotions. It is based on the principle of engaging one’s mind by concentrating on the perception rather than on thought. The perception again is that of internal phenomena of consciousness and not that of external objects. It is a technique of seeing one’s inner self. It consists of regulation and ultimate control of respiratory and other physiological functions nervous system endocrine (ductless glands) systems and subtle inherent vibrations which produce passions.
Based on the teachings of Mahavir, 6th century B.C, and tuned into the level of modern man. Acharya Mahapragya’s Preksha Meditation is a miraculous way for self-healing.

Seven Steps Strategy of Preksha Physical and mental health of an individual primarily depends on emotional health. Only when the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual is achieved can it give rise to social health. All the four are inter-dependent and constitute a whole. Following are the seven steps of Preksha:

  • Yogic Physical Exercise: To give exercise to all muscles limbs and other external organs.
  • Yogic Asanas: To give exercise to deep-seated organs and control their activity.
  • Pranayam: Conscious control and regulation of breath is pranayam. This will result in increase of will power and benefit the autonomous nervous system.
  • Kayotsarg: In kayotsarg total relaxation is practiced with awareness and detachment through autosuggestion. All tensions are drained out and the cellular structure of the body is revitalized and rejuvenated.
  • Dhyan: Practice of self-observation unravels the mysteries of the unconscious mind and brings about catharsis.
  • Anupreksha: Practice of contemplation concentration and determination is known as Anupreksha. One reaches the deep unconscious mind to bring about capacity and ability of change attitudes and behavior.
  • Leshya Dhyan: Concentrated perception of specific colors are used to weaken the forces of malevolent leshyas and strengthening those of benevolent leshyas. Leshya Dhyan results in eradication of psychological distortions of cruelty, lust, hate, etc.


What Preksha Can Do For You?

Preksha MeditationFrom the above it is obvious that Preksha means different things to different people because it contributes to increase physical, nervous as well as spiritual energies. It has profound influence upon mental states and forming positive behavioral patterns of an individual. On the physical level it helps each cell to revitalize itself, it facilitates digestion, it makes respiration more efficient,and improves circulation and quality of blood. On the mental level it becomes a methodology to train the mind for better concentration, purification and relaxation. It offers a way to treat serious psychosomatic illness without drugs. It is an efficient exercise in self-discipline leading to the end of addiction and other bad habits. It leads to what lies beyond the conscious mind.

On the emotional level the active functioning of the reasoning mind controls reactions to environmental conditions, situations and behavior of others. It helps to harmonize the functioning of nervous and endocrine systems. This lead to control and ultimate eradication of fear, hatred, jealousy, anger, lust and sexual perversion On the spiritual level, the firm control of the reasoning mind, regulation and transformation of blood chemistry through proper blending of the neuron-endocrinal secretions and production of dispassionate internal vibrations lead to attain infinite compassion, equanimity, bliss and happiness.

Preksha Meditation is especially recommended for people with heart problems. In most cases an operation (by-pass) can be avoided.


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