Hatha Kriya Yoga Sadhana

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Kriya Yoga

Kriya YogaKriya” derives from the Sanskrit words:
kri” (action) and “ya” (awakens).

Kriya Yoga, the scientific art of mastering the physical body through postures of relaxation known as asanas, muscular locks called bandahs, and psychophysical gestures known as mudras.

Asana refers to a posture, which produces relaxation.

Mudra is a gesture, movement or position, which affects the flow of pranic energy in the body. It also refers to a corresponding psychic attitude.

Bandha is a psych-muscular energy lock, which redirects the flow of pranic energy in the human body and awakens the chakras.

Kriya Yoga is based on the teaching of Kriya Babaji Nagaraji (203 A.D).

Kriya yoga reveals one’s “union with God”, known as an ‘Integral Yoga’. It brings about an integral, or complete transformation of the individual on all the five major planes of existence. Surrender to the inner Kriya light and practice Babaji’s dynamic yoga to experience the divine joy physically, vitally, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.

The Kriya postures enable one to regulate the debilitating effects of stress and maintain one’s balance in all situations. They help the physical body to be calm during meditation.

The message of Babaji and Christ is one. Unconditional, impersonal love leads men towards intimate relationship with God the father mother of the reason of our existence.

Babaji says: the Self dwells in all. All are manifestations of the one God. By injuring another you injure you own self. By serving another you serve your own self. Love all, serve all, hate none and insult none, in thought, word, and deed. Become a cosmic lover, seeing God in each and every unit of matter.


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